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Solar Panels to save you money

Did you know that the best moment to get into the solar energy is TODAY?

We at AIM Enterprise can help you for the most efficient and easiest way to get you migrated.


Cooling units and water purifiers

The heat in our region is getting hotter every day, that is why we all know it is imperative to have a good air cooling system installed… We can help you

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Personal loans and landscaping

With our Personal Loans you can give your landscape the look you always wanted to, or use it for any other purpose you want,  like… take those well earned vacations or pay any debt that is not letting you sleep well at night…

Our Mission is to Bring the Energy Transition to every home in the region

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Driving The Future of Sustainable Energy

We care about our future, that we are promoting the best investment we can do to help change the world with the power of the Sun. Solar energy is now a must have if you want to be ready for the future and same money in the process.

We know the SUN has the power we all need to cover our electricity needs and much more… so we want our customers to be able to contribute to save the planet by using sustainable methods to generate electricity… and Save money in the process!

Get ready for the future
Renewable energy
Help to save the Planet
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Solar System

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Hybrid Landscaping

Natural or Artificial… why not both?

Water Purifiers

The Best water quality for your family

Personal Loan

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Manuel M

“It feels so good to know you have one less bill to worry about every month... Recommend it to everyone that is looking for a good solution to same money every month”

Johana S

"Wow, I was first hesitating to migrate to Solar energy as one of my friends had a painful process and bad experience... but I can tell it was easier than paying my electricity bill every month..,”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach directly to us any time for more information...

Yes they are!! That is why they are widely being used by the largest companies and the government in the world, they provide multiple benefits but the major ones are:

  • Clean Energy Generation
  • Cost reduction in the Electricity Bills
  • Environment awareness
  • Prepare for the future

Unfortunately most of the current installations are still connected to the grid and are dependable of it, this means that if the electricity fails in the grid you will also be affected. There are some ways to be connected off the grid and be completely independent like adding backup batteries to the system… reach out to us for more details if you are interested in this feature.

Every home is different and have different energy needs, please reach out to us to get a personalized solution that will suit your electricity needs…

We will explain you the best solution and the benefits you obtain from it…